It can’t go on like this any longer.

Call for conference on the 3rd and 4th of June at F23, Vienna-Liesing

For most of us life is getting more and more difficult – and our justified anger is growing. Unemployment is at record levels, low paid and precarious jobs have become the rule. Social benefits and pensions are under attack while the outrageous wealth of a few continues to rise. Women receive less pay than men for work of equal value, while additionally drudging in the household. Many of us can no longer afford to pay the rent and the two-tier health care (“Zwei-Klassen-Medizin”) has become a bitter reality. Refugees are used as scapegoats for the many injustices – and racism is entrenching itself deeper and deeper into our society. Things are no better beyond our borders, quite on the contrary: Wars and environmental destruction devastate the basis of existence of entire generations. This economic system has no future – it cements global injustice. An end to all of this!

All of the conflicts mentioned above are pervaded by the same logic: Those at the top win and we lose. Those at the top are the rich, who pocket almost everything we work for collectively. Those at the top are also the political elites who support and expand this unjust system. They don’t offer us any solutions, they are part of the problem. There is a wide variety of resistance against their misdoings, also in Austria. Still, this resistance often remains isolated and has so far not been able to shake their rule.

It can’t go on like this – and it won’t go on like this. We think: The time is ripe for a departure. We want to gather up and give joint solidary answers to the many social wrongs and crises. We are people from different social movements, trade unions, parties, environmental groups, leftist, migrant and feminist organisations as well as politically active individuals. What unites us is the struggle for political change, for social security and a new way of organizing the economy, a decent and good life for all. We fight for more solidarity and freedom – freedom from fear, oppression and exploitation. Let’s set out together and prove that there are alternatives!

We address all of you who want to change things for the better in Austria. Whether you are organised in political groups, never were or withdrew from politics: join us! Let’s fight the racism many of us are experiencing on a daily basis. Let’s fight the ongoing undermining and limiting of our democratic rights. Let’s stop accepting that many of us have to fear the future while a few live in abundance. Let us break down the system responsible for this. Let us build the new force needed to do that.

There’s a date to our common departure: We’re hosting a conference on the 4th and 5th of June at F23, Vienna-Liesing. We’ll present our considerations and develop further plans together with you. After the conference, we’ll disseminate our ideas and mobilise more fellow campaigners. In order to change many things we have to be many. Together, this is what we are. Let’s not wait for better times any longer – let’s make them happen. Let’s struggle together!

Alberndorf, Braunau, Graz, Groß-Jedlersdorf, Halbturn, Innsbruck, Linz, Litzelsdorf, Maria Enzersdorf, Markt St. Martin, Mauerbach, Mörbisch, Neufeld, Nikitsch, Oberwart, Purkersdorf, Salzburg, Scharnstein, Scheibbs, Schwechat, Traiskirchen, Wien – am 13. April 2016

Moritz Ablinger
Edma Ajanovic
Christoph Altenburger
Bernhard Amanshauser
Katerina Anastasiou
Dagmar Andree
Nina Andree
Marcel Andreu
Maria Asenbaum
Berivan Aslan
Walter Baier
Azra Bajrica
Kamile Batur
Josef Baum
Dieter Behr
Markus Berger
Martin Birkner
Karin Blum
Michael Bonvalot
Tobias Boos
Ulrich Brand
Trautl Brandstaller
Wolfgang Braun
Tobias Brugger
Anna Daimler
Madeleine Drescher
Veronika Duma
Naomi Dutzi
Tamara Ehs
John Evers
Sina Farahmandnia
Josef Falkinger
Walter Famler
Peter Fleissner
Franziskus Forster
Agnes Friesenbichler
Ulli Fuchs
Myriam Gaitsch
Franz Gall
Boris Ginner
Michael Gogola
Christina Götschhofer
Marcell Göttert
Lucia Grabetz
Romy Grasgruber-Kerl
Stefan Grasgruber-Kerl
Peter Grassberger
Markus Griesser
Can Gülcü
Naomi Günes-Schneider
Ralph Guth
Rainer Hackauf
Julia Harnoncourt
Susanne Haslinger
Sabine Hattinger-Allende
Christine Heindl
Michael Markus Heindl
Miriam Herlicska
Georg Herrnstadt
Oliver Jonischkeit
Fiona Kaiser
Max Kasy
Elisabeth Klatzer
Lukas Daniel Klausner
Alban Knecht
Käthe Knittler
Martin Konecny
Markus Koza
Thomas Kreiml
Helmuth Krieger
Mevlüt Kücükyasar
Cengiz Kulaç
Sebastian Kugler
Martin Kuri
Hanna Lichtenberger
Philipp Lindner
Sonja Luksik
Axel Magnus
Ines Mahmoud
Alexander Maly
Martina Mayrhofer
Bärbel Mende-Danneberg
Josef Meszlenyi
Philipp Metzger
Gergana Mineva
Lisa Mittendrein
Heinz Mittermayr
Fayad Mulla
Renate Nahar
Magdalena Neumüller
Lukas Oberndorfer
Benjamin Opratko
Agnes Peterseil
Melanie Pichler
Ako Pire
Daniela Platsch
Philipp Probst
Christian Promitzer
Florian Reiter
Martin Risak
Rubia Salgado
Irmi Salzer
Fritz Schiller
Dagmar Schindler
René Schindler
Valentin Schwarz
Johannes Schweighofer
Lisa Sinowatz
Nikolai Soukup
Cornelia Staritz
Barbara Steiner
Sandra Stern
Alexandra Strickner
Gerald Strobel
Samuel Stuhlpfarrer
Anna Svec
Ramin Taghian
Florian Toifl
Mihrican Topal
Pablo Torija
Miro Verdel
Hans Christian Voigt
Daniela Vukadin
Julia Wais
Franziska Wallner
Stefanie Wöhl
Didi Zach
Alfred Zopf
Tobias Zortea